Academy Center of the Arts Lego Set: A Miniature Marvel!

Academy Center of the Arts Lego Set: A Miniature Marvel!

The Academy Center of the Arts is not only a hub of creativity and inspiration but now also the inspiration for a stunning Lego set! This miniature marvel beautifully captures the essence of the Academy's front facade, showcasing its architectural grandeur in a fun and creative way.

Design and Construction

The Academy Lego set ingeniously uses Minifigure roller skates in the entablature along the roof and rail plates for the vertical engaged columns, adding intricate details that mirror the Academy's unique features. The second and third floors are constructed sideways and then attached at a 90-degree angle to the rest of the model, creating the columns and large, ornate windows on the left and right.


  • Size: The completed model stands 3 inches tall and 3 and a half inches wide.
  • Pieces: Comprising 219 pieces, this set offers a detailed and engaging building experience.
  • Age Recommendation: Suitable for ages 8 and up, making it a perfect project for both kids and adults alike.
  • Color Scheme: The set includes parts in Bright Light Yellow for the upper facade, Bright Light Blue for the windows and doors, and Dark Red for the marquee and exposed brick, accurately representing the Academy's distinctive features.

Experience the Magic

Building the Academy Center of the Arts Lego set is not just assembling pieces; it's a journey of creativity and imagination. Whether you're a fan of architecture, Lego, or simply love the Academy, this set is sure to bring joy and inspiration.

Celebrate the Academy's rich history and architectural beauty with this delightful Lego set, and let your imagination soar as you recreate this iconic building in miniature form!

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