Artistry Unveiled: Artistica.Shop Takes Center Stage in Lynchburg Living Magazine

Artistry Unveiled: Artistica.Shop Takes Center Stage in Lynchburg Living Magazine

We're over the moon to announce that is in the limelight, featured in Lynchburg Living Magazine's captivating article, "Fine Art at Your Fingertips," penned by the talented Emily Mook. The article casts a spotlight on our online gallery and art sales hub, showcasing the novel way we're connecting local artists with art enthusiasts, both near and far.

Chief of Programming Officer, Michelline Hall, shared her excitement about's unique approach. "Among the art featured on Artistica is art that is currently showcased in our physical galleries," Hall explained. "We have three satellite galleries: one at Westminster Canterbury, one at the Virginian, and one at Magnolia Foods. If someone spots a piece of art they adore at these locations, they can hop onto Artistica.Shop, learn more about the artist, explore their other creations, and even make a purchase if they feel inspired."

Hall emphasized the reciprocity of the platform, noting, "Likewise, if someone discovers a piece on the website and wishes to see it in person, they can do just that. This online gallery allows us to serve our First Friday and local audiences in a more expansive way."

The Birth of Artistica.Shop: Launched in July 2023, Artistica.Shop stands as a testament to the Academy Center of the Arts' dedication to its community. Our online gallery emerges as an innovative solution, supporting local artists while streamlining the process of selling their creations. Emily Mook beautifully captures the heart of this initiative in her article, recognizing Artistica.Shop as a symbol of the Academy Center of the Arts' ability to uphold a rich history of community service while embracing inventive ways to increase visibility.

Mook describes Artistica.Shop as a platform that spotlights the work of local artists, freeing them to concentrate on their craft instead of getting bogged down by the intricacies of selling their art. The article celebrates our commitment to both artists and art enthusiasts, offering a seamless space for exploring and acquiring unique pieces with just a few clicks.

Being featured in Lynchburg Living Magazine is an incredible honor, marking a milestone in our journey. Artistica.Shop continues to evolve, bringing the allure of fine art to the fingertips of art lovers worldwide. Come join us in this exhilarating adventure as we celebrate creativity, support local artists, and redefine the way art is experienced and cherished.

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