Collection: Anne Harkness

Beyond the Ordinary: Anne Harkness's Contemporary Visions

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Unveiling Distinct Perspectives: The Artistic Journey of Anne Harkness

A native of NC, Anne Harkness is an alumnus of the Atlanta College of Art and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from The Maryland Institute, College of Art. Her work as an art director in NYC for 15 years has embodied her work with a graphic element that astute viewers can detect in her paintings. For 5 years, Harkness studied painting under and worked for Curt Butler, a renowned oil painter. As a contemporary artist, Anne seeks to capture a distinct point of view, often finding some unexpected beauty in locations or views others would easily dismiss as ordinary.

Working from her love of subject matter with a strong design element, Harkness also focuses on the importance of line in her work. Anne credits her emphasis on these particular components to studying the old masters and a life-long love of drawing. Her desire to retain the looser marks that give a piece a more rustic, fresh and spontaneous quality, adds something uniquely set apart to each painting.