Collection: Sandhi Schimmel Gold

Upcycled Masterpieces: Discover Sandhi Schimmel Gold’s Paper Mosaic Fusion Art

Sandhi Schimmel Gold

Treasured Memories: The Art of Sandhi Schimmel Gold

Fine Artist Sandhi Schimmel Gold is the child of two Holocaust survivors.  She inherited many traits from her ancestors. Shared creativity and the need to save every “thing” that might have perceived value.  The renowned upcycle artist has found a way to incorporate the enormous cache of “things” into unique artworks; Treasure Tiles - - small assemblages made from personal mementos, souvenirs, cards, beads, buttons, toys and more.  An installation that is a tribute to her heritage. 

 A reflection of four generations of creative Jewish women.

Grandma’s antique jewelry, Mom’s mirrored napkin rings, daughter’s toys, rhinestones, travel souvenirs, hair accessories, and a myriad of materials & memories from the artist’s life.

The memories are in the materials.

On hand painted canvas, each Treasure Tile tells a different story; each a memoir & an act of remembrance, an emotional journey.  Through a process the artist calls “creative catharsis,” the guilt-filled collection is transformed.  This is new art, with a new purpose, to be enjoyed by a new audience in a new way.

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