Celebrating Excellence: Highlights from the Virginian Watercolor Society's 45th Exhibition Awards

Celebrating Excellence: Highlights from the Virginian Watercolor Society's 45th Exhibition Awards

The Virginian Watercolor Society (VWS) 45th Exhibition Awards ceremony was a celebration of talent and creativity, showcasing the best in watercolor artistry. Held recently, the event honored artists whose works stood out for their exceptional quality and innovation. Let's take a look at some of the remarkable award recipients and their outstanding creations:

Best in Show

Artist: Glenn Ormsby
Title: "The Quetzal"
Media: Watercolor

Outstanding Achievement – Patricia Harrington Memorial / Silver Brush Award

Artist: Charlie Frances
Title: "When Decay Meets Rejuvenation"
Media: Watercolor

First Place Award - Ellen Agnew Honorary / Silver Brush Award

Artist: Chris Krupinski
Title: "A Touch of Light"
Media: Transparent Watercolor

Second Place

Artist: Chee Kludt Ricketts
Title: "It Happened Last Night"
Media: Watercolor

Third Place

Artist: Z Feng
Title: "Moon River Boating"
Media: Watercolor

Fourth Place

Artist: Christopher Wynn
Title: "Titan of Venice"
Media: Watercolor

Fifth Place

Artist: Jane Winders Frank
Title: "Meditation"
Media: Watermedia

The awards also included several Awards of Excellence, recognizing exceptional pieces that captivated the audience:

  • Award of Excellence: Chris Pankow for "Symmetrees 2"
  • Award of Excellence: Trish Crowe for "Dinna Forget"
  • Award of Excellence: Jean K Gill for "Shadoconuts"
  • Award of Excellence: Ellen DeMaria for "Lonnie's Barn"
  • Award of Excellence: Gwendolyn Bragg for "Acadia Light and Shade"
  • Award of Excellence: Thomas Duntemann for "Shenandoah Morning"

The Award of Distinction was bestowed upon Michael Potashnik for "The Distant Storm" and MaryLou Andrews for "Back to Back," among others. Additionally, several artists received the Award of Merit for their exceptional contributions to the art form.

The Virginia Watercolor Society Awards are a testament to the vibrant and diverse talent in the world of watercolor art. Congratulations to all the winners for their remarkable achievements!

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