Celebrating Artists in Central Virginia

Artistry Unbound: The National Juried Art Show in our Up Front and Anne White Gallery

National Juried Art Show

National Juried Art Show

Celebrating Excellence Across Many Mediums 

Art on the Move: Our Offsite Exhibitions

In addition to showcasing artwork at our art center, we also exhibit pieces at other locations throughout the community. Our artworks are showing in Westminster Canterbury, Magnolia Foods, and the Virginian Hotel in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Westminster Canterbury Gallery-Mike Gresham's Cosmic Innovations: A Journey Through Telescopic Ingenuity!

View Mike Gresham's Work

Karen Bowden: A Journey Through Color and Imagination at Magnolia Foods

Waterlilies flowing

Karen Bowden

Karen Bowden: A Multifaceted Artist Showcasing the Beauty of Gouache to Watercolor... 

Frank Hobbs Artworks Showcased at The Virginian Hotel

Roots and Branches- A Decade of Landscapes !

View More of Frank's Artwork
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