Collection: Michael Twery

Michael Twery: Embracing Nature, Light, and Artistica Versatility Within is Oil and Acrylic Creations

Abstract Artwork of shapes

Michael Twery: Evolving Artistic Vision Explores Light, Shape, and Diverse Mediums

"My development as an artist started through close observation of nature, study of classical rendering, and realistic representation. My main interest was capturing the quality and shape of light. As I grew and matured my interests expanded into shaped paintings, abstract painting and drawing, assemblages, installations and sound sculptures. 

 I work in a variety of media and processes in both 2 and 3 dimensional forms, allowing me to express myself in many different ways. I find that alternating my subjects, media, and processes of working, helps strengthen my abilities in each different area. 

  I work out of my studio in Lynchburg, VA, creating original bodies of work for exhibitions and installations, and doing commission work for many businesses, individuals, civic organizations, and public institutions."

Michael Twery is an accomplished visual artist with extensive experience in painting, drawing, sculpture, installations, and murals. He has been exhibiting professionally since 1976 and holds an MFA and BFA in Painting. Throughout his career, he has served as an art instructor at various institutions and participated in artist-in-residence programs. Twery has showcased his artwork in numerous exhibitions, including featured artist shows and solo exhibitions. He has also completed various commissioned works, including outdoor sculptures, murals, and mosaics. Twery has received recognition for his contributions to the arts community and has been involved in advisory panels and arts organizations. His dedication to the arts and his diverse body of work establish him as a respected and influential artist.