Collection: Alex Sayer

Brushwork Symphony: Alex Sayer Abstract Oil Paintings Creating the Impressions of the Impasto Era.


Acrylic painted landscape

Unleashing Creativity and Breathing Life into Art: Alex Sayer's Journey of Painting and Expressive Texture

"In an effort to explore my creative side I started painting. I have always wanted to be creative and I found the courage to start after college. I remember spending an absurd amount of money the first month I started painting. I was immediately addicted and I painted every single day for a few months. I found it so rewarding , and still do, to be able to bring a photo or idea to life through art!

I currently live and create art in my home studio in Lynchburg, VA. Previously, I have studied under artist, Inez Berinson Blanks. I also have had shows at The Academy, Riverview’s Art Space, Magnolia Foods, St. John’s Church and many other local venues. I currently display the majority of my work at Findings Art Gallery in Lynchburg, VA. I have been creating many different and unique pieces which include flowers, landscape, figure studies as well as abstract pieces. I love to use texture in my work as I believe it helps to define the painting and make it come alive while truly expressing the feelings and depth it brings."