Collection: Phyllis Hollenbeck

Phyllis Hollenbeck: Vibrant Abstracts and Shimmering Mixed Media Masterpieces


Abstract art piece

Phyllis Hollenbeck: Abstract Expressions of Color and Cultural Fusion

Phyllis Hollenbeck's training combines college studio study, professional workshops, and a great deal of self-study. Striving to create pieces that reflect her love of color, design and texture, she is on a personal quest to discover the amazing results of working with a variety of mediums and creating experimental, abstract pieces. 

Being married to a career airline executive, has afforded her the unique opportunity to live in New York, Paris, Tokyo, the Pacific Islands and the Middle East. This exposure to various cultures has provided her with a lifetime of 'mental photos' to draw from, as she creates her artwork
Her studio is in her Lynchburg home. It is here she works on several bodies of work concurrently, moving between watercolors, acrylic and collage, with her pieces often being a combination of all three mediums. 

Phyllis has now lived in Lynchburg for ten years. Since moving here, she has become active in the local arts community. She served on the Board of Directors of the James River Council for the Arts and Humanities on the board of the Lynchburg Art Club; she has been represented at the Riverview's Coop Art Gallery and has had pieces exhibited at the Lynchburg Academy of Fine Arts. Most recently co-chaired the 2015 and 2016 Lynchburg Art Festival.