Collection: Trish Herasme

Experience the Captivating Realism of Trish's Artworks: Where Nature Comes to Life with Astonishing Precision


Acrylic painting of a sunrise over a meadow of flowers

Journey into Tranquil Landscapes: Explore Trish Herasme's Artistic Reverence for Mountains

"I was born and raised on Long Island, New York and I thoroughly enjoyed our summer family vacations that took us upstate to the Adirondack Mountains. In 1991, I moved to the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia where I have enjoyed hiking, camping, wine festivals...all things outdoors. I transferred my job in the USPS to Jackson Hole, Wyoming from 2016-2020. What do all these places have in common? Mountains! I do not feel at home unless I am near mountains. 

Although I have been an artist all my life, it was not until I lived out west that I became serious with my painting. I have made Virginia my home once again and my hope is that when people see my artwork, they are transported away from the troubles of this world to a beautiful peaceful place somewhere in God's magnificent creation."