Collection: A'Nyeja Adams

A'Nyeja has created oil painting and expressive drawings that showcase vivid expression and vibrant colors.

A'Nyeja Adams

The Artistic Process Behind A'Nyeja's Artworks

"My oil paintings represent the growth process from a black woman's perspective. Each flower symbolizes a different stage of growth, including fear, curiosity, embracement, and self-acceptance. The vibrant colors represent our emotions and the demand for our voices to be heard. I want to reach women and remind them that they are not alone. My artwork is a hopeful message that emphasizes the beauty and growth that is possible through struggle. As women, we sprout, bloom, swell, develop, and flourish like a beautiful flower.

As an artist, I specialize in creating granite drawings that aim to showcase the depth and complexity of human emotion. My fascination with human expression is the driving force behind my art, and I'm constantly striving to capture the essence of it in my work. To achieve this, I utilize a watercolor technique that allows me to create an aura within the drawing, one that you can feel just by looking at it. My use of the watercolor palette is deliberate, as it serves to enhance the overall emotional impact of the piece. When viewing my drawings, you're not simply seeing a static image, but rather, you're experiencing a range of emotions that are evoked by the colors and textures within the work. Ultimately, my goal as an artist is to create pieces that resonate within the viewer on a deep and meaningful level, and that capture the beauty and complexity of the human experience."