Collection: Patti Cox

Vibrant Abstractions in Motion: Patti Cox's Mesmerizing Acrylic Flow Paintings

An Acrylic Flow Painted Horse Head

From Equine Portraits to Fluid Canvases: Exploring the Artistic Odyssey of Patti Cox

"I have felt the need to incessantly create “something” my whole life.  As a result, I’ve tried many different mediums including photography, journalism, and various arts and crafts over the years and have felt great joy in doing so. When my first of three children started school 36 years ago, I first volunteered and then was hired by the school PTA, to teach the children, from preschool to 5th grade, “art” because the county we lived in didn’t have an art program at that time. The students loved the opportunity to be successful regardless of their academic abilities. 

During which time I also dabbled in “pastels” and created drawings specializing in equine portraits. My husband of 45 years and I have lived on a ten acre farm in Concord, Virginia, nearby Lynchburg, for thirty years, and we once had as many as eight horses at one time. So a lot of my art was commissioned by local horse enthusiasts. I also painted very large murals in our local elementary school including two gymnasium wall-sized depictions of life within the oceans, the planets of the universe, and selective popular children’s books. That was a blast!

And then I established a customized stained glass business including portraiture-like designs that mirrored photographs. I have made pieces as large as doors, windows, and fireplace screens, and as small as lampshades, trinket boxes and even ornaments. Following, I transitioned into developing stained glass mosaics to hang on the wall, or cover a tabletop.  I sold my work at various art shows in the area for years. Again, all of my work was original designs. 

 A few years ago, I painted a 5-panel mural scene on a set of connecting canvases featuring “fairies and dragons”, per my physician’s request, which currently hangs in her waiting room in Lynchburg. In the last six years, I have thrown myself into “Acrylic Flow Painting” which has been extraordinarily satisfying. To date, I have created hundreds of canvases ranging in size between 48x60” down to 8” square.  I have experimented with many techniques and color combinations on multiple surfaces, and have now joined hands with Lynchburg’s Academy Center of Art’s platform to market my artwork.  Thank you for joining me here. 

 Flow Paintings are one-of-a-kind works of art, by nature, and are meant to be hung unframed (though people can choose to frame them themselves if desired ). They are subject to personal interpretation,  beckons everyone’s imagination and can be hung in whichever direction inspires you most. I tape a simple hanger on the back of each canvas so you can decide which direction you want to display it, despite where my signature appears. They are considered “abstract” so they lend themselves to many different decorating styles.  And they are noticeably more affordable than other types of paintings. 

I hope you enjoy what you see. The possibilities are endless, and as they sell on this site, I will replenish them with diverse designs and various dimensions while unleashing all the colors on the color wheel. Feel free to email me at to ask if I have specific colors you are looking for. However, I no longer entertain commission work. 

Thank you for this opportunity.  Think happy thoughts, be grateful every day, practice mindfulness and all will be well."