Collection: Jed Mickle

Jed Mickle's Abstract Acrylic Paintings Evoking a Symphony of Colors and Emotions


Jed Mickle

Jed Mickle's Abstract Explorations: A Journey Through Color and Complexity

Lynchburg resident and native, Jed Mickle, has been drawing for as long as he can remember. Faces have always fascinated him, and he loves drawing people at special events. But there are seasons in the creative life, and he finds that sometimes painting is the place he needs to be.

As an autistic artist who thinks in pictures, Jed uses abstract painting to explore and express the world he sees and experiences- layered in color and complexity. In sharing these landscapes of ideas and emotions, he hopes to make space for others to explore their thoughts and feelings, too. He believes art is vital for our mental and emotional health.

Jed has three beautiful children, who are often his greatest inspirations.