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Abstract Brilliance: Kaye Lipscomb's Vivid Mixed Media Creations


Kaye Lipscomb

Beyond Borders: Kaye Lipscomb's Artistic Exploration from Virginia to Japan

Kaye Lipscomb was born in Lynchburg Virginia and graduated from the College of William and Mary in 1967.

She began to study with Ron Boehmer, one of Virginia's celebrated painters, in 2000 and became a student at Beverley Street Studio School. She remained there for several years and was fortunate enough to be a weekly student of the acclaimed Robert Stuart, as well as Frank Hobbs, Jerry Coulter and Janet Wilkins. She has since had the opportunity to study with Judy Kruger, a student of the renowned Asian American artist, Mako Fujimura.

 Much of her work portrays the juxtaposition existing between opposites necessary to the creative process, whether it be personal or cosmic in scope. Destruction and creation, violence and harmony, magnitude and the minimal propel us forward and through our individual and collective repository of experience, altering and directing our choice of visual language of line, color and form. Her body of work is an illustration of this process, deliberately containing pieces that are high energy and exquisitely quiet......both perspectives are essential. The specific nature of marks and surface continue to be vital elements to her compositions.

Kaye was fortunate to have an opportunity to travel in Japan. Her time in that country altered her artist goals. Daily experiences became a tutorial in the absolute power and beauty of simplicity; therefore, she seeks and struggles with refinement of her compositions, use of color shape, surface treatment and the nature of her marks.

 Kaye feels that painting is simultaneously experimental and instructive. She is currently learning about and using Japanese traditional products and techniques that are thousands of years old. It is her desire to use these techniques and products in a more contemporary way..a journey that is rooted in ancient traditions, but propels her forward.

 Since 2001, Kaye's work has been exhibited in more than 90 solo, group and juried shows and she has received numerous awards.