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 Discover the Artistic Journey of Kristopher Collins: From Graphic Design to Mixed Media Masterpieces

Kristopher Collins

From Hill City to Creative Archetype: The Artistic Journey of Kristopher Collins

I’m forty-four years old and was born in the Hill City. I left the state of Virginia and came back at the age of seven and have lived in the Hill City since I was ten. I’ve been an Artist as long as I can remember. I took art classes at Sandusky Middle and Heritage Highschool, then received my Associates degree in Communication Design (Art) at Central Virgina Community College. After I earned my first degree, I stopped painting and focused more on Graphic Art and Design. I worked for local companies in Art Departments for years then went back to school in 2010. I eventually earned my Bachelor of Arts degree in English with an Emphasis on Creative Writing from Randolph College in 2014.

In 2017 hard times pushed me to begin painting again for the therapeutic aspect. Since then, I have become a Creative Archetype. I have been a part of Art shows at the Sedalia Center, We Got It Made, Madison House of the Arts, Sundog Art Studios, Apocalypse Cidery and Winery, CVCC Vibefest, Riverviews Artspace, and The Academy Center of Art. In 2019-2020 I was an Artist in Residence at Tomahawk Elementary School and taught Art to children ranging from preschoolers to fifth graders. In 2020 I created an Art Vlog called Guts & Glory by O-Two Artistry on YouTube and Instagram, which lasted for one hundred episodes.

Recently I have made some major changes in my life and look forward to inspiring the community and beyond with my art, love, and life story. In August 2021 I was the Emerging Artist at Riverviews Artspace, I participated in Sunflowers for Ukraine, and to this day one of my t-shirt designs are on sale to help raise money for Riverviews. From 2022-2023 I acquired my first studio at The Craft Crucible. In 2023 I participated in a collaboration with Big Ink at Riverviews Artspace. Since May 2023 I have owned my own home with my fiancé, where I have a living room studio. My fiancé and I also started our own streetwear brand in 2022 called Oaksiders. Since January 2023 I have been creating my new Art vlog, which has been converted to two minute Art videos entitled Get Struck Tuesdays. The videos are released on YouTube and TikTok every Tuesday. Take this ride with me as I continue life as a father, lover, and Artist, building a legacy for my children to eventually take on as their own.