Collection: Bruce Turner

Unveiling Nature's Splendor: The Enchanting Oil Paintings of Bruce Turner


A majestic oil painting depicted by Bruce

Brushed by Faith: The Artistic Journey of Bruce Turner – A Symphony of Colors, Mediums, and Inspiration

Hello, my name is Bruce Turner. 

I began painting in high school because somebody thought I could; my art teacher told me that I could do something greater than I thought I could do.  He worked with me and showed me that I could accomplish great things through my art and through my paintings.

I choose to paint with oils because I like the longevity of its use; it does not dry out like pastels or charcoal, and it blends nicely. But over the years I have discovered the unlimited possibilities in using mixed mediums (acrylic, tempter paint, air brush, colored pencils, and epoxy resin) to create unimaginable effects that could not be active by using just one medium.

I paint to bring glory to God. He gave me the gift to paint, and I give all credit back to Him.  He gives me ideas and guides me through each creative work.

I can see His glory through my work when I see how the painting touches and changes people, only then can I feel that the painting has been completed. In every painting I try to have a section of light that reveals the majesty of the Lord.

I hope to be a voice for our younger generation of artists, teaching them their creativeness is a gift, a gift that should be seen and heard and not forgotten or overlooked.